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Hi thanks for popping by!

I'm Jemma and I am mum to lively twin boys. I also have MS which in a roundabout way has led me to do what I do!

I was made redundant from a company I had been with for 16 years so I took this cue to make a massive, much needed change in my life.

I had started practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis and had been thinking how much chronic stress affects our health and how it had affected my MS as I am quite an anxious person by nature. 

I thought it would have been amazing from childhood to have had the power of deep breathing to calm my body down, alongside the power of positive self thought and the ability to not ruminate on problems.

This is how I came to teach children mindfulness and relaxation techniques so they had the benefit of using them throughout life to help them with inevitable bumps in the road. 

I undertook training with Relax Kids and after a year and a half of coaching children I was asked repeatedly by parents if I could run sessions for adults. It was then I realised I was helping children but all of these adults had never been taught these skills either!
I started running monthly sessions for adults and took the decision to create my own brand.

I totally love what I do and am so grateful to have the opportunity to do something I love that I am so passionate about. I am constantly learning and adding to my knowledge whenever I can.
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so I would encourage you to give yours a little regular TLC. 

Your mind will thank you!!  


Calm Space Reviews

Mindfulness, Relaxation and Wellness Coach

“Jemma’s adult calm class is the perfect opportunity to de-stress and clear the mind each month, the environment she creates is warm, friendly and inviting and I always leave the class feeling like I’m walking on a cloud - it’s wonderful! Try it - you won’t be disappointed”
Jo - Rugby 

“Having been to a pre-school session for the first time today, I am hooked! I can see the obvious benefits that my daughter will get from these. Thank you Jemma, for teaching our children a life long skill (and reminding me how to relax too!)”
Vic & Eliza - Rugby

Calm Kids is really good and I love it!

Erin - Rugby

The family session had lovely ideas for things to do together to connect as a family

Lynsey - Rugby

We enjoyed the family session it was a chance to be quiet and calm together!

Jen - Rugby

Please explore the rest of my site to learn more about what I have to offer, and get in touch with any questions.

Calm Space with Jemma is here for you.

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Calm Space with Jemma Classes


Fun classes for ages 9-12 

•Yoga•Games•Breathing Techniques•Mindfulness •Relaxation through guided visualisation •Positive self talk 

One to two hour workshops to help employees to learn how to breath through stress, complete with an in house relaxation session.

Workshops or blocks of classes in schools - Pre-school, Infant and Primary. 

Playful and fun classes for ages 5-8 years

•Yoga•Games•Breathing Techniques•Mindfulness •Relaxation through guided visualisation •Positive self talk 

Monthly relaxation sessions for adults to breath, switch off and zone out!

Tailored to your child. You can be present in the comfort of your own home to help them practice techniques in their own time.